Terms & Conditions
  1. Copy of Passport, Visa/Residency page, Driving License [Indian/International] and local contact number has to be provided at the time of booking the car.
  2. Two Indian bank Cheques has to be submitted during delivery of the vehicle and it will be returned safely when you return the car without any damage or pending payment.
  3. Payment of rental period including delivery and pick up should be made in advance (cash or bank transfer) on the delivery of the vehicle.
  4. For airport delivery and airport pickups, a copy of the ticket has to be provided through WhatsApp/Email.
  5. It should be informed well in advance for the extension of the contract.
  6. The car has to be returned in a neat and clean condition inside and outside. If not, washing charge Rs 500/- is applicable.
  7. We operate from Thodupuzha, Delivery charges from Thodupuzha and return charges to Thodupuzha are applicable on rental (Driver Batta + Fuel Charges).
    • Delivery charges to Cochin International Airport – Rs 1200/-
    • Return charges from Cochin International Airport – Rs 1200/-
    • Delivery charges to Trivandrum International Airport – Rs 3000/-
    • Return charges from Trivandrum International Airport – Rs 3000/-
    • Delivery charges to Kannur International Airport- Rs 3500/-
    • Return charges from Kannur International Airport – Rs 3500/-
    • Delivery charges to Calicut International Airport- Rs 3000/-
    • Return charges from Calicut International Airport – Rs 3000/-
  8. A day is calculated as per 24 hours from delivery time of car, minimum 1-day rental is charged on delayed timings.
  9. There is a monthly mileage restriction of 3600 km. If less than a month 120 km/day. Extra km over the rental period are chargeable.
  10. All traffic rule violations (eg: over speed, signal breaking.) or any other offenses, during the rental period, will be the responsibility of the hirer and the charges or penalty for the same will be charged to the hirer.
  11. The car is given purely and strictly for your personal and family use only, do not allow anyone other than professional drivers to drive the car or engage in any illegal use or transporting goods.
  12. In case of any mechanical or electrical problems during the contract period, it can be solved by visiting the authorized dealer & the bill amount can be adjusted while returning the car.
  13. On an event of accident or damage to vehicle :
    • The customer has to inform us on 0064 27281 5955 at the same time and WhatsApp the photos of the incident.
    • Insurance* will be used only on repair charges more than below-mentioned collision repair limit.
    • Collision Repair Limit
      • Rs 30,000/- (vehicle cost less than Rs10 lakhs)
      • Rs 50,000/- (vehicle cost above Rs10 lakhs)
      • Rs 75,000/- (vehicle cost above Rs20 lakhs)
    • Repair cost less than the collision repair limit has to be paid by the customer.
    • In either case rental for the repair, period needs to be paid by the customer.
  14. Please treat the vehicle as your own and keep it clean and tidy. “No smoking or littering inside the car”.

* No Claim Bonus+ Depreciation to be paid by the customer on an insurance claim